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City of Markham is one of the highest-quality communities in Greater Toronto Area

Residents in here pay high attention to education, that most of the top public schools in GTA are located in the City of Markham.

City of Markham is a well-developed area which can be easily accessed either by car or public transit. It takes our students less than 5 minutes to nearby Viva or YRT bus stations

Yorkville International Academy is located in the center of the city, across from the Markham Civic Centre, public library, parks and community centers.


University Offers


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“Great Family”

The “Great Family” Program - Customized for our International Students’ needs:

Life with a new environment is never easy that families are an important source of support for international students. The “Great Family” Program is to help our international students to adapt to their new life in Canada and be prepared for their continuing education in University. Through this dedicated program, our international students can smoothly adapt to this new environment and upcoming challenges, our program includes:

  • Full–time family teachers who are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese

  • Our family teachers act as a bridge between parents and students, and responsible to communicate with parents on a daily basis

  • Regular reports to parents periodically about students’ study progress and living condition

  • Family teachers are responsible to take care of international students living matter

  • Consulting courses and seminars, includes: how to use the library, safety lesson, National festivals and holiday events, etc










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To enrich the students’ school life, Yorkville International Academy has arranged a vast variety of activities.


  • Guest speaker and debate club


Yorkville International Academy will arrange social elite and entrepreneurs to share their successful story and past experiences as an international student. Aside from guest speaker seminars, YIA also has English debate club. English debate club is a great way to practice speaking English and logical thinking skills.


  • Culture week


In YIA, the students from different countries have the opportunity to showcase their own culture, fashion and food. Learning different cultures will help the students integrate into local community giving Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.


  • Waterloo Euclid Mathematics Contest  ( Euclid School Champion of Waterloo)


YIA encourages students to participate in Euclid Mathematics Competition organized by the University of Waterloo. Euclid Mathematics Competition is an event designed specifically for high school students to improve their math skills and discover the fun in learning math. Winners will receive a certificate recognized by the University.


  • Winter, Summer Camp


Winter, summer camp is designed for students who are interested in-depth understanding of Canadian culture. The English camps provide English-speaking environment to help the student master the language faster and better. YIA believes education cannot happen just at school; through our camp students can develop their community and culture awareness.







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