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At The Yorkville School, it is our obligation to support and care for students new to Canada. We understand that it is challenging to study complex subjects using language you have not mastered yet, for many of us have traversed the same hardship. That is why all of our courses embody progressive ESL strategies with progressive individualized instruction. 

It is our goal to see you become successful, but not just academically. We not only assist you in post-secondary pursuits but also prepare you for your professional careers. However, being accepted by a Canadian university is not an easy task. That is why we must implore the help of parents/guardians and most importantly, your own initiative and passion to learn – because the goal of education isn't just getting into an university, it is about applying the skills and knowledge you learn from each and every single class to your future endeavors. 

I must remind all our students that you are the ones responsible for your own future.
Finally, on behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration, I welcome you to our fostering and harmonious learning environment, and good luck. 



The principal of The Yorkville School

Principal of The Yorkville School

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