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Education Features

Flexible academic semester

  • Flexible academic programs to meet the needs of international students

  • Grade 9-11 implements dual-semesters in every academic year (fall and winter semesters)

  • Grade 12 and pre-university intensive programs in six semesters

  • July and August summer credit courses available

  • ESL monthly classes available for registration at any time

  • International students may enroll in any course at any time for fast-tracking to university

  • 96% University enrolment rate

  • Various choices in optional Arts courses

  • Assessment of academic results: 30% for exams/ISU; 70% for term work


Graduates can successfully apply to North American post-secondary institutions

  1. We provide free assistance to students applying to North-American institutions

  2. We tailor applications according to their interests and career preferences

International students engage in a fully English-learning environment

  1. We provide international students after-class English tutorial for free

  2. We offer Cambridge Assessment teaching methodology

  3. The “Great Family” program provides Canadian cultural activities and welcoming home-stay for international students

To further enhance their learning

  1. Small classes using modern pedagogy and equipment

  2. A modern location with online options for students' convenience

  3. Various indoor classes and field trip activities enhancing student leadership, independence and learning ability

  4. School-arranged internship opportunities for students 

Originated Teaching Concept- “CARLA”:

The meaning of “CARLA “:

  1. Creativity

  2. Ambition

  3. Respect

  4. Leadership

  5. Appreciation

Yorkville High School (YHS) encourages student academic and personal growth. Our unique “CARLA” teaching concept emphasizes five fundamental elements for student success. Our unique teaching concept benefits students in their continuing education and future careers.

More About Us

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